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Physicals - FAA Required and Executive


FAA Medical Exams

FAA Medicals

Dr. Green is a FAA Senior Aeromedical Examiner and performs all classes of pilot medicals. His aeromedical training was gained in the United States Air Force and his last military posting was Chief of Flight Medicine at Edwards Air Force Base in California. He has over 20 years of aeromedical experience. Dr. Green currently owns a Mooney 231 and has been a pilot for more than 30 years.

– All applicants must complete their FAA medical paperwork ( form 8500-8 ) on the FAA med express website prior to coming to the office.  You should bring in a printed copy of the front page of the physical exam form and your confirmation number.

– It is best to arrive with an empty stomach and a full bladder as a urine specimen is required.

– If you wear contacts be prepared to remove them briefly for the eye exam. FAA requires visual acuity with and without correction. Please bring a contact case and appropriate solution.

– Bring any paperwork the FAA has sent you regarding your medical conditions. If you require special issuance or are in the special assurance program there may be an additional charge due to the increased workload. If you have hypertension or any other medical issue be sure to bring the appropriate FAA required paperwork.


Executive Medical Exams

Exec Exams

Today's executives face a great deal of stress, long hours and diets that are too often based on a time crunch. To know what that lifestyle does to you, Green Medicine has assembled several tools that will help you better understand the stress and overall physical / emotional quality of your current state of well being.

From a thorough regimen of diagnosis to recommended treatment, you will begin to know what it takes to live in the fast lane and if possible, with a combination of balanced intakes, maintain greater health, less pain, less sickness and less stress.

To request an appointment, call the office now at 920-651-3600. The Patient Portal will provide online appointment and other information valuable to you.

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