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Tip of the Day


January 10, 2015 - First Tip!

Facts on toxic exposure
The average woman is exposed to 126 unique chemicals through daily use of skin care products.
There is an app called skin deep and a website E.W.G. that you can use to view the contents/safety of many skin care products.
Each year the average patient is exposed to 14 lbs of pesticides, herbicides, food additives and preservatives.
It only takes 26 seconds for chemicals found in typical household products to enter your bloodstream.
Over 24 major cities in the USA have concentrations of pharmaceuticals in their drinking water supplies.
Burning petroleum based wax candles can release toluene and benzene into the air causing allergies, asthma and respiratory tract irritation.
Tips on reducing toxic burden
If you like candle light use bees wax candles or flameless ones.
If you desire a home air freshener use essential oil recipes (many good ones can be found on-line).                             
Change your air filters frequently in your home.
Use skin products that are chemical free.
Use no nail polish or only those brands excluding toluene, formaldehyde and DBT (Dibutyl Phthalate).
Use aluminum free deodorants. Avoid antiperspirants.
Use fluoride free toothpaste such as Spry, Jason’s or Tom’s. Make your own using ½ coconut oil and ½ aluminum free baking soda.
Use household cleaners that are essential oil based and contain no harsh chemicals. Try using vinegar, baking soda and steamers to clean your home.
Don’t use dryer sheets or fabric softeners as they contain high levels of chemicals. Your body and your dryer will last longer.  Towels are more absorbent too.
Dispose of drugs safely so they don’t get into our drinking water sources.
Do a liver detox every 3-6 months. Check with our office re: ones we recommend.
Eat more plants (organic fruits and vegetable when possible).
Eat fresh food vs boxed and canned goods. 
Have your water tested yearly for heavy metals and use a water purifier if necessary.
Try to drink ½ your body’s weight in ounces of water every day.
Shop mostly from the fresh food and health food sections of your grocery store and from farmers markets.
Vitamin D taken regularly can reduce the risk of breast cancer in women by 85% by improving immune function.
Keep your lymphatic system functioning optimally to help rid the body of toxic wastes by using an infrared sauna, skin brushing, rebounding exercise and lymphatic massage.




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