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Green Medicine of Wisconsin is a blend of integrative and traditional medicine. Our goal is to optimize your lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and sleep to promote the best possible health.

GMOFWI believes in an individual one-on-one approach to medicine as there is no one size fits all. Each treatment approach is individually designed to address that person’s unique needs. Initial appointments are usually 2 hours long.

Questions are encouraged and every effort is made to give you a complete understanding of your conditions and your treatment. A strong emphasis is placed on a healthy lifestyle rather than just medication alone.

We realize there are times when pharmaceuticals are needed but look for ways to minimize this.

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Hormone replacement therapy, or hormone therapy, can help ease the symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and mood swings.


When comparing the normal, healthy brains of older and younger adults, younger brains do function differently in some ways, although not necessarily always better.


Holistic health care has become increasingly popular – currently in 2019,  about 30 percent of the American adult population now use some form of holistic medicine.


Lyme disease is a bacterial infection you get from the bite of an infected tick. The first symptom is usually, flu-like symptoms with achiness and fatigue. You may or may not have a red rash that looks like a bull’s eye.

Our goal is to optimize your lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and sleep to promote the best possible health.

“I have been under Dr Greens care since Dec of 2018. He is treating me for Lyme Disease. He has helped me get my life back. After only 5 months of treatment my energy is back and my symptoms are almost completely gone. He is very compassionate, understanding and the whole staff is amazing. I am so thankful to have my life back and my family and friends say they can see the sparkle in my eye again!”

Terri • Muskego, Wisconsin

“I have chronic Lyme Disease. Dr. Green has treated me for three years. At each step of my treatment he accurately assessed my condition and took me through the twists and turns in a steady way, skillfully bringing me through the complex treatment process. As a result I am nearly in remission, which is no mean feat. I found him to be competent, well credentialed, compassionate and caring; and I like him as a person.”

Mark S. • Machesney Park, WI

“Dr. Green has put together a plan to deal with my overall health. It’s working and I’m eliminating or improving conditions that I’ve had for over 40 yrs. My husband also sees him. He cares about his patients and spends a lot of time with us. He is an excellent diagnostician and treats each person as an individual. His staff is great and responds quickly if we have questions.”

Pam S. • Rockford, IL